I have graduated in 1998 with a major in Visual Communication, Graphic Design in Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore.

With a knack in creative excellence, I have joined Associates in Design and implemented a complete Brand Guideline for Standard Chartered Bank as a first professional endeavour. Then ventured into advertising with M&C Saatchi, with a fresh frame of ideas-based communication. Brands like MINI Cooper and Zuji Travel Guru have gained consumer's interest ever since with emotive messages and targeted aesthetics.

This is when the merging of careful design craft and insightful ideas formulate with unexpected results. Its art and design put together if you like.

I was with Bates 141, responsible for the creatives of Heineken Green Room, a unique event leveraging on contemporary music platform, before I embark on an overseas stint. With Grey Group Malaysia, its a focus on brand activation with Diageo Guinness and British American Tobacco. It is a world of three dimentional design thinking, building the brand language with revamps and product launches; packaging, print invites and posters, online virals, spatial design and other guerilla tactics for a sound experience. Kent Festival was ranked No. 1 music event in 2005 and its products a massive sales figure.

In 2009, I have travelled across the globe and joined Fitch London. This brought about an international consumer activation bringing Camel around Europe and America, documenting the continents' art, music and travel cultures and recognising them with the brand's vision of Inspiring Creativity. Camel has become the beacon of creative expression in New York, Beunos Aires, St. Petersburg and other exciting cities alike.

With 11 years experience in the industry, I will progress further and explore other creative disciplines in awe of a relevant world we live in.

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